Law and Attorneyship

Magna Carta, means “Great Chart of Liberties” in Latin. The Magna Carta signed in 1215 is an important English document. It is one of the most important steps of historical process until we reached current constitutional law.

With Magna Carta it is accepted that the law is over the power and claims of the king. Moreover, with this document, important rules have been carried about citizen rights and freedoms, that allowed the settlement of superiority of law. Our belief in superiority of law in every field and for it was the first step about human rights, we have chosen Magna Carta Libertium as our name.

As MCL Law and Consultancy; we assist our clients, most of them are leading companies of Turkey, international enterprises, financial institutions, individuals on commercial, maritime and transportation, customs, administrative, privatization, finance and debt restructuring, telecommunication and media, competition, building, dispute resolution, arbitration, international trade, insurance, tax controversy and litigation, merger and acquisition, energy and mining, intellectual property, real estate, corporate, debt enforcement and bankruptcy, recognition and enforcement, work and residence permit services laws.

Our members are consists of expert academicians, lawyers and assistants who are specialists in their field. Our members are specialized in the fields of services and provide innovative, consistent and high standardized services to their clients.